Mirage Raider’s Bundle

Early morning November 7th 2016, Kingsisle started sending out the Extra Life rewards for streamers who participated in the events. Those that successfully managed to raise a $100 or more on their live stream received the brand new Mirage Raider’s Bundle!

  • Dunerunner’s Attire
  • Desert Lodestar Staff
  • Desert Racer mount
  • Sultan’s Monkey
  • Nomad’s Camp
  • Additional Castles Elixir
  • 5000 Crowns or one month membership

Dunerunner’s Attire

This was the very first gear for level 120, the Dunerunner’s Attire! Not too crazy about the gear stats, but the Dunerunner’s Tunic can be a good option for support players as it provides a decent amount of defense and healing.

Desert Lodestar Staff

The thing that caught my eye most is that flashy shift spell that is guaranteed to do some damage – Shift Mithraya (1,000 Sun damage). Unfortunately, the stats on this weapon aren’t that impressive, but you might want to consider the stitch.

Mirage Raider's Bundle - Staff

Desert Racer

The Desert Racer mount is very appealing, makes you wonder what sort of creatures will be encountered in Mirage. It is definitely the perfect mount to ‘raid’ Mirage in, with its pip boosting help (+2% power pip chance).

Sultan’s Monkey

The Sultan’s Monkey per is cute as a button. The never seen before pet will surely entertain you with the sweet dance moves. The Gargantuan item card may not seem like much, but as a starter pet for low levels it is extremely useful!

Sultan's Monkey Talents & Statistics

  • PIP O’Plenty
  • Ice-Ward
  • Storm-Ward
  • Critical Striker
  • Death-Dealer
  • Fire-Ward
  • Life-Bringer
  • Myth-Dealer
  • Lively
  • Hex

The Nomad’s Camp

Definitely one of the best featured items in this bundle! The Nomad’s Camp offers a breathtaking view of, what’s to be assumed, a sunset in Mirage. Don’t miss out the chance to visit this amazing new house and what lies inside! The PvP arena with Mirage themed music and a neat fishing area. Also go look for the merchants from Mirage that grant you a random daily gift, some including plants, snacks and more!

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