Zeke Training Point Quest

The Troggs

Here’s another way to gain an extra training point! Once you finish Grizzleheim and move on to Wintertusk, you can talk to Zeke to get a new quest to find the troggs! The quest is simply called “The Trogs” and will be available once you finish the quest called “Times are Tough” in Northguard.


Hrundle Trogg

The Hrundle Fjord Trogg is located outside of the gate to Sudrilund, on the right side. The easiest way to get there would be using the green teleporter at the teleporter hub in Hrundle Fjord.

wintertusk zeke training point quest hrundlefjord

Nordrilund Trogg

To get to the Trogg in Nordrilund, you will need to go to the very back of the area. You can use the teleporter inside the area, which will take you to Nordri’s lair. Once there, go to to the left of Nordri inside the final room in this area.

wintertusk zeke training point quest nordrilund


Sudrilund Trogg

Use the teleporter to go to the entrance of Sudrilund. Once inside, turn left, go up the slope use the bridge to one level higher. The Trogg is behind a rock close to the Darkwing Hewers.



Austrilund Trogg

Next, after entering Austrilund, go up the slope on the left from the entry point. Find your way to the right side of the tent that’s furthest on the right. This is an easy one!

wintertusk zeke training point quest austrilund

Vestrilund Trogg

Go to Vestrilund. Inside, use the teleportation hub and take the yellow teleporter. Then, turn around and work your way up the slope. The Trogg is hiding on the left side of the cave where you battle Halfang.


Nastrond Trogg

Nastrond is a dungeon, but luckily you can teleport into it. If you haven’t quested this far yet, you can ask a friend to do the dungeon up to the last room. You can then teleport (e.g. in case you don’t want the xp you would get doing the dungeon). The trogg is in the final room, but you don’t have to do the final battle, because you can just walk along the edge of the room and find it that way. It’s located on the right side of the throne.

wintertusk zeke training point quest nastrond


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