Mirage Roaming Pet Bosses

Are you a pet collector? or maybe looking for a new challenge? Then I believe Mirage has something else you can try that’s different! If you’ve been questing through Mirage, you will surely have noticed the bosses running around with other mobs. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this. Polaris first introduced these challenges, so I took some time to test them out and help you prepare to counter their cheats.

Note: The cheats are all cast as interrupts and they appear to be cast from the pet tagging along with the boss as you can see in the images. Also, most of the time the cheats will be on a particular cycle.


Admiral Bontau – Alkali Barrows

Firstly, we have Admiral Bontau located in the middle of Alkali Barrows. This Rank 16 Death Boss is certainly one of the easier bosses you will face in this list as his cheats are limited.

Round 1: “Midnight, cloud their vision!” The pet will cast a -50% mantle.

Round 4: “Midnight, weaken that one!” Pet casts a -25% weakness.

These cheats will go on a cycle and repeat every 6 rounds. Granted they can be annoying combined with the increased difficulty of Mirage, but you can easily defeat this one.

On a much more interesting note! The pet that accompanies him is a possible drop as you might have guessed, and I was lucky enough to win it as a drop.

Desert Hawk

Mirage pet bosses


Cyphurr – Caterwaul Canyons

Secondly, moving on to Caterwaul Canyons, we face Cyphurr! This Rank 16 Ice Boss qhat can pack a punch!  It’s especially challenging when you have a full team, because then there are more storm minions at his side. The main thing you should know is that he steals blades. Luckily, this can be countered with Aegis, bladestorms and elemental/spirit blades. Cyphurr only steals charm once, from the person that receives the blade.

The cycle of these cheats will restart on round 7. Cheats include:

Round 1: “I know just the trick!” Pet casts a +10% accuracy blade on the boss.

Round 2: “Grimoire! Page 87!” Pet casts Icewind.

Round 4: “Grimoire! Page 43!” Pet will interrupt and stun.

Dusty Grimoire


mirage dusty grimoire

Babbling Meints – Caterwaul Canyons

On the other side of Caterwaul Canyons, near the entrance to the Thieves Den, we find Babbling Meints! A Rank 16 Balance Boss who is probably one of the the biggest pet lovers in the game! When fighting him, you will notice his cheat cycle is similar to other bosses.

His cheats are as follow:

Round 1: “Thanks, little buddy!” – Pet will cheat cast a +30% balance blade.

Round 3: “Best pet ever!” – Pet will cast a regular elemental blade.

Round 5: “Just what I need!” – Pet will cast a Donate Power that will grant the boss 3 pips.




Endurzaga – Rubal Wastes

Found in another desert in Mirage, you will encounter Endurzaga located in Rubal Wastes. This Rank 16 Myth Boss is a fun one! You can find him roaming around with other genies near the entrance to Istanboa.

His cheats (which I love) are as follows:

At the end of round 1 he will interrupt and say “You have served your purpose“. He then casts a Draw Power which will sacrifice a minion for 2 pips! This cheat will randomly keep casting throughout the battle until all minions are dead.

Also, whenever a positive ward is cast like a shield or absorb he will interrupt and say “Pet! Destroy that!” which will pierce away 1 ward.

Cave Chameleon

enduzarga's pet

Cobraxas – Istanboa

Finally we have Cobraxas! You can find this Rank 16 Storm Boss slithering through the streets of Istanboa along with other vipers.

His cheats weren’t quite as overwhelming as some of the others.

Round 1: “Prepare for a shock!” – Pet casts a poison that deals storm damage to a random target.

Round 4: “Feel your strength slip away!” – Pet will cast a -25% weakness.

Viper in a Jar


Feel free to leave a comment and post any missing information!

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