Monstrology Tips – The Germ Ghosts

Monstrology has been quite a wonderful feature to have in the game lately, so much that it became my favorite new in-game hobby. Moreover, it’s fun seeing wizards everywhere looking for creatures to add to their Monstrology Tome. However, I’ve been seeing one very popular question being constantly asked…

What is the maximum rank I can get?

Now that’s a tricky question! The answer to it is 22, but as some of you may have noticed in the badges section, there seems to be enough badges till rank 25. Only Kingsisle can confirm whether there are badges till rank 25 as when you hit rank 22, no one will be able to obtain anymore monstrology experience.

Short answer: You can only reach till rank 22 because creatures stop giving xp when you are 6 ranks above them.

The Germ Ghosts Rewards

Note: These rewards are obtained whilst using a Triple Animus Elixir

The creatures you can currently fight with monstrology are of maximum rank 16 (16 + 6 = 22). Some of these creatures are Neberyx, Shadowbones and Shadowwock, and various other bosses in Mirage. This is where the Germ Ghosts come in. These 4 ghosts located in Caterwaul Canyons are all rank 16 and found in one single battle. Imagine the rewards!


The Germ Ghosts: Chilly, Achey, Sneezy and Cough

Make sure not to stand too close, or even worse let them run through you!

The Germ Ghosts Preview

As I’ve said, they’re all rank 16 and located in Caterwaul Canyons, right where you enter from Caravan. You will require the quest ‘PackMan Fever’ from Madam PackMan in Caravan to be able to access this dungeon. However, there is a catch! They’re found at the end of a maze which you’ll need to navigate with your PackMan friend. Sound familiar?

I took the liberty of constructing an overview of the maze so it will help you get right to the Germ Ghosts without getting lost or frustrated. Pacman is at the start, the ghosts are waiting at the end, the white orbs are medicine balls (which you need to collect 3 on your way), and the orange path is the right way. Stay on the orange brick road… or was it yellow?

The Germ Ghosts Maze Map

Disclaimer: Kevin the Noob already ran off with the cherry, so no point in looking.

One last thing, the Germ Ghosts are immune to all schools and have 20% pierce. Yeah, I saved the worst for last. The trick is to blade up on rounds 1-5, and hit on rounds 6 as you’ll soon understand when I explain the cheats. They have 2 main cheats:

The Germ Ghosts Cheat Line 1

At the very end of round 5, all the ghosts will interrupt and polymorph into a Shadow Boss. This will basically make them vulnerable and allow you to attack them and actually deal damage. They will cast this again at the end of rounds 10, 15 and so on, therefore make sure you attack while you have the chance or you’ll have to wait a long while.

The Germ Ghosts Cheat Line 2

At the very end of round 6, the ghosts will shift back into their original form while also removing all your blades and traps. Basically, they’ll become immune again and cast an AOE Enfeeble and Cleanse Ward. This will cast again at the end of rounds 11, 16 and so on.

Will you take on this challenge and reach rank 22? Hope you found this little tip helpful!

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With his main focus in Wizard101 PvE, you will find Cody knee deep fighting one of the Spiral's major bosses with an army of wizards at his disposal. Proficient in quite a few other areas of the game such as gardening, fishing, and most of all monstrology. Why monstrology? He chases after every single creature out there and catalogs them for all to see!


  • Thank you, Cody. You have done us great services by showing us so many Monstrology tips, and until I read this was you, too, I now see that you have given us another one. I won’t be able to use your advice till I get up two more M levels, but I will certainly know how to approach this Mob, then. Thanks for all the pain and trials you went through doing the creatures, as well as providing us with such good information to keep us interested in Monstrology. Smiles

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