Easter themed items (Wizard101)


EggbertNear the end of March, Eggbert will arrive to the Spiral once again and there will be some Easter themed items available in the Crown shop and the Shopping District. Right now it is the perfect time to plan what you want to buy! That way, you won’t do too much impulse buying when easter really arrives. It’s easy to get carried away in the excitement.

Don’t have any Crowns? No problem! You can actually farm for these items as well. Lord Nightshade is the most popular spot to farm, but the end-world dungeons’ bosses also drop them, such as: Krokopatra (Krokotopia), Big Ben (Marleybone), Jade Oni (Mooshu), Mirror Lake (Zafaria), Pendragon (Avalon) and Xibalba (Azteca).


Many of these wands look exactly the same and just differ in which school their wand attack is, and what level they require. Since these wands are mainly used for stitching, I will group the similar looking ones under one title.

The following is pure speculation, but I have a feeling you need to farm in the level-appropriate place to get the wand with a certain name. This means the level 1+ wand can be farmed for in Wizard City, while the level 35+ one requires farming Jade Oni. Prove me wrong if you can! We would definitely appreciate additional information.

You can buy these wands in the Shopping District, from Eggbert. He will arrive sometime at the end of March.

wands Easter themed items

Easter Wands

floppy-eared wand

  • Floppy-Eared Wand (lvl1+)
  • Bunny Wand (lvl 15+)
  • Hop-Hopping Wand (lvl 25+)
  • Spring-Bunny Scepter (lvl 35+)
  • Rascally Rabbit Wand (lvl 55+)
  • Long-Eared Bunny Wand (lvl 65+)
  • Wand of the Spring Coney (lvl 75+)
  • Wand of the March Hare (lvl 85+)

scepter of spring's bounty

  • Spring Egg Wand (lvl 1+)
  • Egg Basket Wand (lvl 15+)
  • Spring Scepter (lvl 25+)
  • Scepter of Spring’s Bounty (lvl 35+)
  • Painted Egg Wand (lvl 55+)
  • Staff of the Egg Hunter (lvl 65+)
  • Staff of Springtime (lvl 75+)
  • Baton of New Beginnings (lvl 85+)

hatchling wand Easter themed items

  • Hatchling Wand (lvl 1+)
  • Spring Chicken Scepter (lvl 15+)
  • Half-Shell Wand (lvl 25+)
  • Hatchling Scepter (lvl 35+)
  • Baby Bird Wand (lvl 55+)
  • Staff of the Nestling (lvl 65+)
  • First Bird of Spring Wand (lvl 75+)
  • Spring Fledgling Baton (lvl 85+)


Easter Staffs

Staff of the White Rabbit

  • Staff of the White Rabbit (lvl 35+)
  • Staff of the Hopper (lvl 45+)
  • Stave of Tweets (lvl 55+)
  • Baton of the Cottontail (lvl 65+)
  • Wild Hare Scepter (lvl 75+)
  • Hopper Topper Wand (lvl 85+)

scepter of the spring

  • Scepter of the Spring (lvl 25+)
  • Staff of the Equinox (lvl 45+)

staff of the cheeper

  • Staff of the Cheeper (lvl 15+)
  • Chirping Staff (lvl 45+)


Easter Outfits

The Bunny Suit is a classic. It will be available in the Crown Shop near the end of March, beginning of April.

storm bunny

Bunny suit

 Easter Pets

easter pet egg Easter themed items

There is only one “real” easter pet, the Pet Egg, sold by Eggbert and dropped by Lord Nightshade. No Crowns AND not in the mood for farming Lord Nightshade? I think the Bumble Bee (Hive Bundle Gift Card) and the Treant (dropped in Kembaalung Village) make pretty Easter pets as well 🙂 Try to find them in the Hatchery! Do you have any other suggestions for an Easter pet? Let us know in the comments!


Pet egg

treant pet



bumble bee pet wizard101

Bumble Bee

Easter Mounts

There are three exclusive Easter pets: the three bunnies. The Prismatic Hare and the Caerbannog Rabbit were added to the Crown shop last year. The Stormrider Hare was given away on Wizard101 Central. We’ll have to wait and see whether that one will be available this year at all. In addition to the bunnies, I find the Fairy Wings also very appropriate for Easter and Spring.


Prismatic Hare


Caerbannog Rabbit

stormrider hare Easter themed items

Stormrider Hare


We might see some new items this year too!
What do you think Wizard101 will come up with this year?

Let us know in the comments!

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