Mooshu Fishing Quest Guide

Once you’ve finished the Grizzleheim fishing quests, you can head on over to the Jade Palace in Mooshu and see what Ryoshi has to say. He has two quests for you. These quests will have you going all over Mooshu hunting down different fish. Therefore, here are a few tips to help you save as much energy as possible and complete them in record time. If you have around 100 energy you ‘might’ be able to catch them all, however it all depends on your luck! Fingers crossed you’re lucky. 😉


New Utility Fishing Spells

Ryoshi sells three utility fishing spells. They winnow the fish in the pond by rank. Which I might add saves a lot of time and energy. However there is a catch! You can buy Winnow Rank 1 and 3 Fish, but you have to earn the rank 2 spell. Ryoshi has a total of 2 quests for you that when completed will reward you the spell.

mooshu fishing quests

mooshu fishing

mooshu fishing quests


Mooshu Fishing Quest 1

The first quest is called “Fish, Glorious Fish!“, which will task you to catch one Grape Jellyfish and one Origami fish. For some additional help, the quest says the fish are located in… Mooshu. (How helpful!) Personally my favorite fishing spot for these two is the Tree of Life. In the pond where the tree of life lies you’ll be able to catch both! Here’s the trick…

mooshu fishing
mooshu fishing

Both fish happen to be Storm and rank 2, so I recommend using a rank 2+ storm lure and winnow storm fish! The problem is, which is which?

To avoid catching the same fish twice look out for a fish speeding around. That’s the Origami fish, and it’s rare so make sure not to miss it. Every other slow fish should be the Grape Jellyfish.

Problem solved! Both fish caught from one area!


Mooshu Fishing Quest 2

This is the quest that might discourage you, but fear not! In “Cast of a Champion” you will be tasked to get 4 different fish from all over Mooshu! The Dragon Eel, the Sumo Koi, the Codfather and the Ninja fish! All spread in different areas…

  • Dragon Eel in Jade Palace
  • Sumo Koi in Kishibe Village
  • Codfather in Ancient Burial Grounds
  • Ninja Fish in Tatakai Outpost
mooshu fishing
mooshu fishing
mooshu fishing
mooshu fishing

Ready to start running around? I think not! I don’t know about you, but my mount doesn’t like that.

Solution? Leave Mooshu! Just as an alternative, you can find all the above fish in houses. You can maybe use 1 of your houses, your friend’s house or maybe for the easiest and most preferred solution try housing tours!


Dragon Eel

You can easily catch it in Mooshu’s Jade Palace, or you can try the Serpentine Escape for a change of environment (and while you’re there catch some other unique fish like the Tezcat Threestar Doodlefish).

You can use winnow fire fish so the odds will either be the Dragon Eel or the Sun Ray. Also use a rank 2+ fire lure to increase your chances!

Sumo Koi

Can be caught in the Life House. Again, use rank 2+ life lures and this time maybe use reveal rank 1 fish to know which ones not to go for. No need to use winnow life fish, as all fish are life.


Head over to The Sun Palace and throw a winnow death fish spell. This will majorly increase the odds of catching a Codfather. Use a rank 2+ death lure and maybe a Charm Fish spell as the pond is wide and fish tend to swim far away.

Ninja Fish

You’ll need good reflexes for this one! You will find it swimming in the frigid waters of the Ice House! No need to winnow or anything! Just scan the waters for a very small and very fast fish! When you do, throw a rank 2+ ice lure at it and hope it doesn’t swim away until the lure hits the water.


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