Krampus Gold Key Challenge

I hope you were nice this year! Because Krampus is here as part of the 12 Days of the Spiral and you’ll only reap the rewards you deserve from him! Head over to Ravenwood, Colossus Boulevard, Celestia Base Camp or Walruskberg Harbor to enter the Yuletide Feasting Hall. In this article we will cover the Tier 3 battle! There are three different versions of this fight, depending on your level. All will need a gold key.

  • Tier 3 – Levels 110+
  • Tier 2 – Levels 51-109
  • Tier 1 – Levels 1-50

You will find the magical doorways that will lead you to Krampus in either of these locations and you can access any level of difficulty from any. Hence you can fight the wood key boss from Polaris and the gold key boss from Ravenwood. Basically you can access them from anywhere!

  • Ravenwood – Look behind Kelvin.
  • Colossus Boulevard – Behind the Colossus statue near Mindy PixieCrown.
  • Celestia Base Camp – In the middle of the area.
  • Walruskberg Harbor – Near the seals!


The Cheats

Krampus is a Death/Fire boss and has a total of 24,145 health! Accompanying him there is a lump of coal pet, and later on 3 delicious looking minions that will keep getting summoned once defeated.


Firstly, as you will most definitely notice, Krampus has a thing for blades… like every other boss in the spiral! He will interrupt and steal every unprotected blade from ‘the caster’. So if you blade another person you should be good.


Secondly, Feints are strictly forbidden! Unfortunately Krampus does see everything and he will remove every kind of feint you cast no matter the precaution you might think of.


Also notice that, at the start of round 5 he will go ahead and summon 3 helper minions that vary in school. Most commonly you will get to face ice or storm minions with considerable amounts of health (5,024 health).


Next, at the start of round 3 he will shift any other traps positioned on him onto a random person. So make sure you cast traps either on the same round your hitter attacks or time it very well.


An unrecorded beguile cheat has been noticed to be cast randomly so I recommend avoiding to use AOE hits or bladestorms.


The Strategy

Personally I’d recommend a solid hitter, maybe 1 healer, while others support the hitter by stacking blades on him/her. For example:

Positions: Support – Support – Support/Healer – Hitter

  • Round 1: aegis blade, aegis blade, aegis blade, aegis blade
  • Round 2: blade, blade, blade, aura
  • Round 3: blade, blade, blade, hit

It is of high importance that the hitter uses a single target hit to avoid the random beguile cheat and, instead of defeating Krampus, you end up defeating your own team. If you were to use an attack that does 1000 damage, then you will need around 9 blades if the Hitter / Hammer has 100% damage from gear. Trained blades that can include Aegis on them: Hitter’s school blade, Elemental/Spirit Blade, BalanceBlade, Dark Pact, Bladestorm, etc.


Noteworthy Drops

First of all, the drops are very interesting considering Krampus is only a Christmas themed boss. The drops include all version of skeleton keys even though they aren’t extremely common and grandmaster socket wrenches! Most noteworthy is the unique Krampus themed wand, the Krampus’ Tolltaker!

Other noteworthy drops are Lightning Elf tc and Ice Elf tc, Snowball pet and the Storm snowman pet. In addition, Krampus drops Black Coal when you haven’t been nice enough this year 😉

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