Islander’s Hoard Pack

Wizard101 Islander's Hoard Pack!The Wizard101 Islander’s Hoard Pack is a cool Hoard pack in the Crown’s shop. The Wizard101 Islander’s Hoard Pack is a tropical island and tiki themed pack with a number of themed items, including a pets, gear, and a new mount.

Wizard101 Islander's Hoard Pack!With a chance to get the groovy Tiki Waverider mount, the Islander’s Hoard has cool new epic and ultra rare items for your Wizard. Here are just some of the cool items you could receive in the Islander’s Hoard:

  • Tiki Kahuna Pet New Epic tropical themed gear
  • Weapons like the Frosty Stare Tiki Torch
  • Treasure Cards & Pet Snacks
  • Housing Items & More!

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Islander’s Hoard Pack Gear


Tiki Weapons


Mounts & Pets


Wizard101 Islander's Hoard Pack
Frosty Fish Pet. Comes with Frostbite card at Baby
Wizard101 Tiki Pet
Tiki Kahuna Pet. Comes with Rain of Fire card at Baby.

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