Evergreen Bundle

Wizard101 released the exciting Evergreen Bundle in November 2014. This garden-themed bundle provides several unique items including an estate, a mount and pet, armor and weapon along with the usual 1 month or 5000 Crowns.  This bundle was originally available through Gamestop stores for $39 dollars and was then retired later from Wizard101’s Online Store. This bundle occasionally makes a reappearance in a bundle sale or throwback event bringing back with it the:

  • Evergreen Attire
  • Evergreen Thornblade
  • Celestial Wolf mount
  • Spirit of the Forest pet
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Additional Castle Elixir
  • 5000 Crowns or one month membership

Evergreen Attire

The main highlight of the gear in our opinion is the energy. The amount of energy remains constant at every different tier providing +6 energy on every piece (hat, robe and boots). Thus, this set offers a maximum of 18 total energy. On the other hand, it is worth noting that the hat offers a reasonable amount of universal pierce.


Evergreen Thornblade

A popularly sought out weapon to use a stitch especially among life wizards. The Evergreen Thornblade is available from levels 0 to 100 only, which is a shame as the stats going past level 100 would certainly intrigue me.


Celestial Wolf

A fan favorite! It is a regular mount that carries one person and comes with a +40% speed boost, but the looks of it are what you will want to pay attention to. The Celestial Wolf will strike fear on all your opponents, so wait no longer and get your hands on it now!


Spirit of the Forest

There aren’t many pets like this one. The Spirit of the Forest is the perfect little helper for your gardening needs. At first glance you might think this a pet for Life wizards, however the talents on the first generation version are more aimed towards Balance. Don’t forget the uncommonly seen Gardening Pixie talent for your gardening needs.

Spirit of the Forest Talents & Statistics

  • Balance-Dealer
  • Add Balance
  • Unbalancer
  • Balancespear
  • Gardening Pixie
  • Health Gift
  • PIP Boost
  • Armor Breaker
  • Balance-Eye
  • Balance-It


Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens is and remains a classic among other castles. Not only is it beautiful and shrouded with mystery, but plants consider it as an additional ‘like’ similar to the Red Barn Farm. Additionally, you can find a battle arena, plenty of (hidden) fishing areas, and a starving giant plant that grants daily rewards!


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