Pharaoh’s Hoard Pack Guide


This Krokotopia-themed pack was released in June 2013. It’s available in the Crowns Shop for 399 Crowns per pack. Purchase of this booster pack includes a chance to win pets, gear, a new mount, housing items, snacks, and treasure cards. However, this pack is mostly good for decorators, because housing items are the things mostly dropping from it. Unless you want the mount of course!

Let the mummies do the heavy lifting as you ride around the Spiral in style.

Pharaoh’s Hoard Pack Mount

This pack drops two mounts: the Mander Palanquin, pictured on the left, and the Crokagator. The pack drops the one day version, 7 days version and the permanent mount.

However, both of these mounts are also dropped by the wooden Skeleton Key boss Ra in Krokotopia. So if it’s the mount you’re after, you can get them through farming that boss too!

Pharaoh’s Hoard Pack Pets

This pack drops fairly many pets. Here’s a list:

Pharaoh’s Hoard Pack Gear

The highest level gear dropped from this mount (in November of 2018) is level 100.

The Blue Hat
The Orange Hat
pharaoh's hoard pack
The Purple Hat


The Orange Robes


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pharaoh's hoard pack
The Orange Boots
pharaoh's hoard pack
The Blue Boots
The Purple Boots

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