Spellwrighting Mutations for Life

Recently I came across an interesting idea on Twitter. What if we could use spellwrighting to “upgrade” our trained secondary school spells into something we can more easily use?

So in this series, I want to explore what each school could gain mutating another’s spells through spellwrighting, but you can’t have it all! Each other school will have one or more spells that each class can mutate – and naturally the strongest spells will require a greater investment of training points. For example, for a Life wizard to have Life Minotaur, they’d need to spend 8 training points to train Minotaur from their beloved Myth professor before they can mutate it.

This way, even if Life could obtain through spellwrighting the best spells of every other school, it wouldn’t be unbalanced, as an individual wizard could only have a few of them. This customization is just another manifestation of spellwrighting’s goal of creating distinct playstyles for each individual wizard.

Let’s have a look at what a system like this might offer, now with Life spellwrighting mutations!


From the Fire School

Mutated from Helephant
Did you ever notice the resemblance between the helephant and efreet’s swords? It’s almost as if they were crafted by the same person…

Mutated from Efreet
It’s a Life Efreet, complete with the 90% Weakness and everything. What more can it take to convince you to get it?


From the Ice School

Mutated from Colossus
Same damage as the plain old Earth Walker, but for one more pip you can have a 400 absorb as well!

Mutated from Wolly Mammoth
Fairly low damage in exchange for a powerful defense: a wall of absorb shields, most useful against high-pip damage over time.


From the Storm School

Mutated from Windstorm
I’m surprised we still don’t have a healing trap spell aside from Wrath of Apollo, not even as an item card.

Mutated from Leviathan
Damage your enemies, heal your allies, make friends with a cool sea beast… this spell covers it all!


From the Myth School

Mutated from Minotaur
Given Life’s lack of anti-shielding tools, I have the feeling this spell would prove quite popular despite its lower than average damage.

Mutated from Orthrus
The steadfast companion of a Life wizard, this tw0-headed dog is a source of constant joy with a powerful heal-over-time that runs out right when you have the pips to cast another.


From the Death School

Mutated from Banshee
Death hast no fury like a woman scorned, Life brought her back a wailing scourge.

Mutated from Scarecrow
It heals and puts out fires… now this is the scarecrow that’ll keep the fields healthy!


From the Balance School

Mutated from Weakness
“Ignorance is bliss”, you have a perfect excuse to spam this spell!

Mutated from Donate Power
Give up your own heal-over-time to empower your allies… then hope they won’t waste that pip on something useless.

Mutated from Chimera
A powerful, if slow, damage over time. Its damage is ensured by having the DoT be protected from 1 removal, something that might prove crucial in the upcoming Turn-Based meta.

How do you feel about these life spellwrighting mutations?
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