“Who ya gonna call? Mythbusters!”

Myth buttonOkay, so maybe that’s not exactly how the slogan goes. Everybody in the spiral knows the school of myth. Even if you never have done PVP, I’m sure you know the school of Myth. The masters of the dreaded Earthquake spell – that spell that takes your pretty blades, and just straight up eradicates them. Myth has been often regarded as “annoying” for these occurrences.

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Wizard101 Battle Frontier
Myth’s Mystic Revelations


Myth Mojo #1: “Ignorance of the shield IS a defense.”

Many, so very many of myth’s spells deal with bypassing a shield, destroying one (or many) shields, that simply shielding against them is usually NOT enough to save you from their onslaughts. Additionally, stacking shields to get around spells like Minotaur is very vulnerable to being disrupted by Shatter. That’s just focusing on the myth shields. A myth can easily use Shatter to have their team get a surprise kill: Someone on your team who was shielded previously to the hit and finds themselves exposed due to shatter. How do we stop these ward-wrecking wardens?

  • Use myth dispels: Probably the easiest solution in theory, but the hardest to execute. While you may not be able to predict when a Conjurer will use shatter specifically, it’s a good way to keep them hampered for a good portion of the battle.
  • Use other forms of “shielding” to defend yourself: I’ve always thought of weakness as a different classification of shield. A -40% on all enemies will reduce their next attack by 40%. A 35% shield on all friends will reduce their next attack by 35%. The difference? Shatter won’t do a thing against virulent plague.
  • Do as much damage as you can: If using dispels isn’t in the cards, and other forms of shielding isn’t working, only other thing you really an do is go out with a bang and do as much damage as you can. Getting a myth on the defensive will ensure that you have a round or two to sneak some defenses in.

Myth Mojo #2: The ability to “Shift” the tide in battle.

Puns aside, myth wizards have some powerful spells coupled with good utility effects (sans earthquake) that can greatly affect how battle outcomes are determined. Not to mention many spells like Shift that discourage certain tactics (usage of DOTs), punish overextending (like we discussed with Shatter), and spells that generate turn advantage (such as Medusa with 2 round stun). On this point, I want to specifically highlight strategies to avoid getting “shifted.” Let’s take a look:

  • Avoid using DOT spells: Seems pretty self explanatory, but if you’re a school like fire (which has 5 DOTs if I’m not mistaken), that’s a significant strategy shift (there’s that word again!) for your 4v4 team. Hopefully you aren’t over-reliant on DOTs anyway, since they have a large tendency to trigger pet heals, but if you are and you face myth, try to use them only as finishing blows.
  • Use a front loaded DOT: I’m sorry, but no amount of Conjurers are going to stop me from using my big, bad Fire Dragon titan spell – slayer of Dragonspyre just because I might get a little burned. Since a large part of that spells DOT is dealt on the initial hit, I might care very little about taking a little residual damage from the rest of the spell. Remember that you control the power of Shift – shift simply changes the target.
  • Combine DOTs with Stuns: When using a DOT spell, it lasts for 3 rounds on the target: If you stun one of those rounds, you ensure that it’s on the target for only 2 turns in which they can shift it back to you.


medusa Myth's Mystic RevelationsMyth Mojo #3: They have a very stunning presence on the battlefield.

From Medusa to Basilisk, to blinding light, to stun, there’s no limit to the amount of ways that myth wizards can immobilize you before you pull off your big strategies. Specifically, this tip is a big shout-out to the mistress of mayhem herself: Medusa. This real looker of a spell is the only 2 round stun in the game. You might think she’s reserved solely for 1v1, but I’ve seen this spell used early on to 2 round stun a jade/linchpin of the opposing team, then finish their teammates off while all they have to reflect on is Medusa’s petrifying gaze. Let us look at some ways to combat our stun happy friends:

  • Start every PVP off with Stun Block: I would encourage the placement of Stun Block in your sideboard, especially seeing how top level 4v4 is often decided based on which team takes advantage of the stun first.
  • Use Conviction TC: Not as full proof as a Stun Block (still a 5% chance to stun unless you’re wearing additional stun resist) , but it has added blocking potential in addition to the stun resist. I personally wouldn’t use this method if you’re a storm wizard, since this is highly vulnerable to critical supernovas from balance wizards (speaking generally).
  • Use Myth dispels: Medusa is a big pip commitment, so if you are wary, throw down a dispel just in case. Blinding Light has good tempo potential, so dropping a dispel even when they are low on pips can prevent the light from wreaking havoc on your team.

 Now it’s time to review some strategies on combating the Conjurers in general. 

Strategy #1: Weakness is your friend.

Especially against the masters of shield removal, weaknesses are one of the best ways to slow a myth wizard down. Why? Because they can’t “clean” up their act as fast as Diviners can. Aha. Stack them high, and you won’t even need any shields (except stun ones) to face down their mythic arsenal!


 Strategy #2: Stop the legend before it starts. 

Since we just said a strategy to combat myth involves lots of weaknesses, not letting them have their bubble is another great way to dial down their buffs. Myth wizards are adept at bubble wars though, having a 2 pip Rat Illusionist spell that both removes weaknesses and places a myth bubble. Doesn’t seem to be all that common, so beware.


 Strategy #3: Straight up Vaporize ’em. 

Dispels are your friends against any school, but how often you probably will use them will depend on that school’s threat level. Myth I would say has pretty decent threat level with stuns and such, so I’d side in at least 2-3 dispels of this school if you are myth, and/or have a myth amulet. If not, you can still side in a few as a surprise tactic. Lot of people won’t expect dispels if they don’t see your mastery/native school not matching theirs (Or if you’re balance, using one of those expensive diffuses).


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