Wizard101 Pet Lending

The new Fall 2020 update brought many new things to the game. One of the things was a new feature for pets – The Pet Lending. With pet lending, you can “lend” your pet to other person. This new feature is really beneficial to many players, because of the fact, that many hatches occur because only one person wants the other one’s pet.

Whenever you go to the Hatchery and either join a sigil or click “Hatch an egg” on your friend’s tab, you’ll be greeted with this table. It lets you choose between ‘Hatch Pet’ or ‘Lend Pet’. 

Pet Lending Interface

Pet Lending gives Wizards a powerful in-person hatching option to lend their pet for hatching to another Wizard. And as a bonus you can do this without being charged Gold or having your Wizard’s Hatching Slot timer started. It’s a wonderful opportunity to exchange adventure stories as you also exchange pet types!

So basically, you can give your friend one of your pets without worrying about having enough gold or using up your hatching timer. You can lend a pet up to three times per day (depending on your level).

Pet Lending Interface 2

After lending your pet, you will see a window telling you, that your lending was successful.

Pet Lending Success

And the other person will get a familiar screen showing that an egg was just created. 

You’ll also get a reward for pet lending – Hatch Peppers! The amount depends how “good” your pet is.

New pet features wouldn’t be complete without rewards for having fun going through the process. You will get advance warning before the hatch process begins on what type and quality of reward you are expected to receive. The value of the reward will depend on the pet lending level and pedigree. Also, you will receive a badge for many of these lending actions!‘ – Wizard101 Update Notes

With Hatch Peppers you can craft a great amount of useful things, including elixirs and mega snacks! Check out this guide to find out more.

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  • What level does a wizard need to be to get four lends?

    • I believe you get the 4th lend at level 150.

  • if i want to lend my pet to a friend and i don’t want to receive anything in return, what should my friend select? hatch or lend?

  • Do lends regenerate in 12 hours (like pet timers for members) or in 24? Or is it different for members vs crowns players?

    • I think it resets at 12 AM Central Time from my understanding. For those not in Central Time, go on Google and look up “12am Central Time”, and the first result will tell you what time that is in your timezone. So since I’m in Eastern time, that will be at 1 AM for me.

  • hello, im confused about this. Is the pet sent back to the owner after a period of time? also what talent pool will it have, and can you hatch with it once you get it to adult?

    • Hi, basically it works just like normal hatching, except that only one person gets a pet egg. (And the other one gets a reward).

  • With Hatch “Pepper” you can craft great amount of “usefull” things, including elixirs and mega snacks!

    I think you mean “With Hatch Peppers”, “craft a great”, and “useful”. Just wanted to point out some typos, that’s all.

    • Thanks! It’s fixed.

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