Avalon Tapestry Training Point Quest

While questing in High Road in Avalon, you will have to talk to Sir Pike del Lago in Caliburn. When you do, he will have a side quest ready for you called “Down in the Bayeux”. This quest will send you to talk to Francis Lux, who will then have a training point quest for you, called “From Whole Cloth”. Important to note might be that the quest itself will not say that you’ll get a training point, but it leads to a quest that will.

High Road

The High Road Tapestry is inside Red Thorn Tower, where you will have to defeat two bosses. Firstly, you will be pulled into the battle with Sir Terrance Thornwhip, a Balance boss with 10,750 health, with a Life minion by his side. After defeating said boss, head down the stair on the right and face a Myth boss called Porridge with Storm minions. After the battle, look inside the alcove farthest on the right. The Tapestry is hanging from the wall there.


Caer Lyon

To get to Caer Lyon, take the teleporter on Caliburn. Head up the stairs, down the tunnel, past the Whiptail Pantera and the Amber Knights. Use the sigil and rejoice, because for this tapestry, you don’t have to fight the boss. Just sneak past him to the right, up the winding stairs. The tapestry is laying on a small coffee table.

The Wild

You have to have quested to this place in order to retrieve your Tapestry, because you can’t teleport into the White Owl Tower. This tower is located behind the Wildfire Treants. You first face Keela White Talon (10,400 health) with some Death minions. Open the cage for the unicorn and climb up the vine. There’s a puzzle

If you fail to do the puzzle correctly, you will face Kayla White Talon (Balance, 10,750 health) with three minions (Fire, 2,100 health). Ater this room, follow your arrow and pick up the Tapestry at the top of the stairs. You don’t need to do the final battle.

Avalon Tapestry Training Point Quest

The Wyrd

The Wyrd Tapestry is inside the Tomb of the Nameless. You can find it in the far South of the map. You will not be able to port into this place! It’s an instance that starts with four Disloyal Knights (Balance, 3,645 health). After that, there’s a puzzle, of which the solution is here. There is one final battle after that, in which you face a Storm boss with 15,150 health. The Tapestry is next to the tomb.

Avalon Tapestry Training Point Quest

Dun Dara

The next Tapestry is inside the Tower of Belle Regard. You will have to do only one battles for this one. It’s against a Black Knight boss (Fire, 13,200 health) with some Storm minions.  After the battle, go through the teleporter and pick up your Tapestry from the floor!

Avalon Tapestry Training Point Quest


The Catacombs

And finally, the Tapestry in the Catacombs! For this one, use the teleporter in Caliburn and work your way to the sigil. You don’t actually have to do the battle in this place, as you can just sneak around the monsters.

Avalon Tapestry Training Point Quest


That’s all of the Tapestries! Return to Abbey Road and talk to Francis Lux. He will give you a new quest. For the quest “Uncut History” you need to go hang the Tapestries on the walls. Enjoy the story of King Artorius! Then go back to Francis Lux to get your training point.


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