Daily PvP Assignments:
Analysis and Suggestions for Improvement

Daily PvP Assignments. Have you been doing them? It sounded like a pretty good addition for the arena, but is it really? Some time has passed, and have been checking and analysing the implications of the new daily assignments on the PvP environment. While the idea itself is pretty good, as with anything else new, it could use some improvements.

Problems with Daily PvP Assignments

Right now, Daily PvP Assignments are just there – they don’t do much to help PvP as a whole. With only one task available, it severely lacks in diversity and accessibility to casual players. Entry barriers for PvP are insanely high and it’s almost impossible for casual players to win the one match a day required. Although the matchmaking system works in theory, a lack of experience and good gear makes new players’ lives much harder.

Let’s split the Arena players into 3 categories:

  1. Experienced PvP players,
  2. Inexperienced PvP players who have a desire to learn it,
  3. Inexperienced PvP players who are just trying a PvP.

In order to get more players into PvP, we have to appease players in the 3rd category. This means the daily PvP assignments should be easier and accessible especially for players belonging to that category. Players from the first category won’t have any difficulty finishing the tasks – whether it’s “win 1 ranked match” or anything else. Players belonging in the second category might have problems with “winning 1 ranked match”, but they’re aware that they’re at the beginning of their journey and still need to improve. While they won’t always be able to finish the task, this won’t turn them away from PvP.

But what will happen when casual players (from the third category) try to finish the daily assignment? They’ll get destroyed in PvP, won’t know why this is happening and get discouraged from doing PvP. This means we lose a potential player. In wizard101, we want and need more players doing PvP. In order to achieve that, we need to make the PvP environment friendlier to the inexperienced players.

Our Proposed Solution

We at Final Bastion always have a goal in mind when proposing changes. Each one of our articles aims to either improve the Arena atmosphere or make things easier for beginners. Our proposed changes fall into the second category.

With the new, improved daily assignments we’re proposing we’re going to kill two birds with one shot. Firstly casual players won’t have problems finishing these new dailies. The tasks are going to be really easy to perform and you won’t need a ton of training points or heavy knowledge about PvP and game mechanics.

Secondly our daily assignment proposal is designed with the best PvP practices in mind. These dailies will subconsciously teach casual players what kinds of moves are good and useful behavior in PvP. For example, there are many players using traps or amplify in the Arena – none of these spells belong there. Similar to using these spells, players also don’t have much of a clue on how to perform good moves in a match. With these proposed assignments, they’ll get better insight into what is right and what is wrong in PvP.

New Tasks with Explanations

1. Summon a minion

Although minions are generally really easy to kill, they are always a good addition on the field. They can blade, destroy shields and generally be a nuisance to our opponents. Some minions fit offensive strategies while others are rather defensive. Most good players will try to kill minions as soon as they come out, and thus be prevented from doing other things, like potentially from killing you.

PvP daily assignments: minion Daily PvP assignments

2. Use at least 2 tower shields

Survivability in PvP is a bit harder than it is in PvE. You can’t set for your opponent’s school as easily, so having tower shields ready should become second nature to all players. You can read more about shielding in this and this article.

Of course some newer players will complain about this daily and say they don’t have tower shield trained because it’s an Ice spell. However, that’s exactly the point of this daily: it will encourage them to train it. There is always the free buy back training points member benefit if they don’t have the training points to do so. In addition, there is the treasure card version available as well.

PvP daily assignments: tower shields


3. Use a set shield to your opponent’s school

While tower shields are universally good, school specific ones provide more resist and can’t be removed with an off-school attack. This daily would encourage players to try to take note of their opponent’s school, which is another important aspect in PvP.

PvP daily assignments: set shields

4. Use stun blocks

This spell is often neglected by new players. A lack of stun blocks is often a key mistake leading to losses – even for experienced players. While facing a Myth wizard, for example, it would be vital to get up stun blocks as soon as you can, to avoid suffering a loss due to Medusa.

PvP daily assignments: stun blocks


5. Use a weakness

The situation here is similar to tower shields. Using weaknesses should become second nature to all players. Unlike shields which only reduce the damage of the next incoming attack, Weakness reduces the damage of the entire outgoing attack spell which makes it very effective for DoT spells (Damage over Time) such as Fire Dragon, Snow Angel, or Rampage, making weakness a must-have defensive spell in your dueling deck. Many players also wait for the perfect circumstances before they attack. Thus, you can buy some time with putting a weakness on them, since they will try to remove it before attacking.

PvP daily assignments: weakness

6. Stack 2 weaknesses

This could maybe fall in the advanced category for new players, but it’s still a very important skill in PvP. Since weaknesses can dampen DoT attacks (shields can’t), it’s important to guide players toward weakness stacking rather than shield stacking.

PvP daily assignments: stacked weakness

7. Save 7 (power)pips

By this we basically mean to encourage new players to not spend their pips on an attack as soon as they can. Inexperienced players often have the habit of attacking as soon as they have enough pips rather than saving pips for a combo. Though this skill loses a bit of value at Max PvP, it’s still valid there and extremely important at lower levels.

daily PvP assignments: pips


8. Use a damage over time attack

Finding ways around shields is another common problem for new players. They often go ahead and try to ram through the shields. A DoT spell is a good way to get rid of shields. Leading players towards smart decisions for dealing with shields is a good thing to achieve.

PvP daily assignments: dot

9. Stack at least 2 blades

More blades equals more damage. While almost everyone knows that, it’s important to lead newcomers toward blade stacking rather than trap stacking.

PvP daily assignments: stacked blades


10. Use a global spell/bubble

Ah, good old bubble control. Not only are you making your attacks stronger, you’re also removing one of your opponent’s buffs. This is a must-have spell for every PvP player’s deck. Read more about bubbles here.

11. Use an infection

While this is not relevant on 100+ levels, it’s notable that even experienced players often neglect infections. Although it’s losing its value, it’s still one of the core PvP spells and everyone should know the importance of suppressing healing spells.

PvP daily assignments: infection

12. Use a healing spell

PvP isn’t a regular boss battle where you can kill before he’s able to scratch you. Sometimes you need healing to stay alive in the arena. How much you should heal is very dependent on your playstyle and your opponent. Still, barely anyone is going to survive a PvP match without heals.

PvP daily assignments: healing spell


13. Use a single hit attacking spell without having any debuffs

While DoT spells are a good way around shields, using single hit spells provides more instant power. It’s even more important to hit without any debuffs (towers or weaknesses) and this is the perfect exercise for highlighting that.

PvP daily assignments: single hit

14. Use an off school spell to kill a minion or remove tower shields

After teaching players about blade stacking they face a new problem: getting rid of their opponent’s utility spells without wasting any blades. This easy trick will teach them how.

PvP daily assignments: off school hit


15. Enchant and cast an attack with a sun damage enhancing spell

Another self-explanatory thing that the majority of players know, but newcomers often neglect in PvP. You should never attack without an enchantment (unless it’s for stacking purposes, but that’s a story for another time).

PvP daily assignments: enhancing


16. Cast a Fortify or Brace

Both Fortify and Brace are useful auras to increase survivability. Fortify reduces all incoming damage by 15% and Brace for 20%. These are 2 of the most common auras seen in the Arena. Players who don’t have these trained can buy Fortify from a Treasure Card Vendor. Brace can only be trained, not bought.

PvP daily assignments: fortify

17. Cast infallible or flawless before attacking

Infallible is an aura that severely increases the damage output of your spells by increasing pierce and accuracy. Unfortunately, most newcomers prefer amplify, so it would be wise to lead them toward this better option. 

PvP daily assignments: infallible


18. Use pre-enhanced attacks

While the previous task focused on enchanting the spell and casting it, this one would focus on using pre-enhanced tc attack cards. While treasure cards are available in the Bazaar, this is usually the better/stronger option. Simply go to the Golem Court, enchant some spells with treasure cards and flee the duel.

PvP daily assignments: pre enhanced

19. Use an Ice dispel

Dispels are another type of spell that’s not seen in a newcomer’s deck. Ice dispels are overall a good choice to deny your opponent the option of putting a tower shield on themselves.


20. Use a Balance dispel

Similar story to Ice dispels, except that the point of this one is denying your opponent the ability to cast weaknesses, tri-blades or reshuffles.


21. Use a life dispel (not max)

This one falls into a similar category as casting infection. Since healing at levels 100+ is almost non-existent, this task would show only to levels from 1-99.


22. Use shadow shrike and reduce backlash to zero (max)

This is another level specific task. Shadow shrike is pretty much the most important shadow school spell and everyone should use it. Due to the level limit, this task would show only to levels 100+.

PvP daily assignments: Shadow shrike

23. Have a stats damage boost in battle of at least x %

A lack of gear is a huge issue among casual players in PvP. Since resist is bit harder to obtain with bazaar gear, forcing new players to have a set amount of a damage boost is a better idea. It wouldn’t completely solve the gear issue, but it would force them to start thinking about it.

PvP daily assignments: damage boost


24. Participate in a tournament to obtain at least 250 tickets

The second part of this quest is key here. With this quest we’re showing the positive side of tournaments (you’ll get way more tickets there than in ranked) as well as subtly letting new players know that gaining arena tickets is an important thing in the Arena.

PvP daily assignments: tournament rewards


25. Play a practice match

Nothing special here – just to add a little diversity.

PvP daily assignments: practice match

26. Play a ranked match

Same as the previous – adding a little diversity as well as giving an easier alternative to win 1 match.

PvP daily assignments: ranked match


27. Win one ranked match

This is the one that exists right now and there is no problem with it staying. With all the tasks available, this one shouldn’t show up more than once a month.

PvP daily assignments: win 1 ranked match


Did we miss any casual-friendly tasks which would also help inexperienced players to improve in the Arena? Let us know!


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