Picking the Locks
Simon the Sayer

Simon the Sayer is a hidden skeleton key boss located in Wizard City’s Sunken City area. This boss can be accessed by entering a house behind the first tree upon entering the dungeon. There is no need to run any part of the dungeon to gain access. However, you or a member of your team will require to have a Stone Skeleton Key to open the lock. The difficulty of this boss is set at around level 70-80 circa Avalon’s level even though the boss is hidden in Wizard City.

Additionally, this skeleton key boss was created by Daniel, a fellow Wizard101 player that visited Kingsisle in 2015 through the Make-A-Wish organization. Together with the Wizard101 team, Daniel gave form to this unique challenge through many different areas including art, programming, sound and writing. This was surely an amazing experience and a splendid opportunity for Daniel to try out some of his game designing skills for the future.

Battle Overview

Simon the Sayer – Rank 12 Storm Boss – 12,960 HP

Heartburner Golem – Rank 12 Fire Elite – 2,360 HP

Virulent Gas Golem – Rank 12 Life Elite – 2,860 HP

The Cheats

One will encounter several cheats in this battle, but they’re not all from Simon the Sayer. The boss surely has plenty of them, but as a twist, Daniel’s wizard makes an appearance and aids us in combat like never seen before. He casts spells from outside the battle circle! Let’s start covering the boss’ cheats.

  • Attacks – At the beginning of the battle, Simon will state “Simon says no attacks!” where if any attack is cast on the enemy team, the caster will get hit by an Insane Bolt (1,000 moon damage). This will occur for the first three rounds, after which you will have three rounds where you will be able to attack.
    • Rounds 1 to 3 no attacks > rounds 4 to 6 attack > rounds 7 to 9 no attacks > etc
  • Minions – Defeating the minions before Simon is not the best idea as they will be re-summoned one by one every two rounds.
  • Blades – A Disarm is cast on the caster every time a blade is cast. Thus, casting a blade on a teammate instead of yourself will still work.
  • Tardiness Cheat – Any wizard that join the battle after round 2 will be attacked with a Mana Burn spell.

Daniel’s Cheats

  • Trap – From rounds 3, Daniel will start to randomly cast +30% universal traps on Simon.
  • Heal – Daniel will randomly cast an AOE version of Fairy that heals the entire team.

The Drops

Amongst other common drops, this battle has been noted to drop the Mote of Severity, Stone Skeleton Keys, and even Couch Potatoes. Apart from that, there are also some decent semi-mega snacks (25 pet XP) observed. As for unique drops, this battle has plenty! Let’s take a look below at the weapons, pets, haircuts and other items.

WeaponsPetsHairstylesChess PiecesJewels

Daniel’s Weapons


Fierce Hound




Raven Eye

Restless Titan


Chess Pieces

Black Bishop

White King

White Knight

White Rook



Monstrology Entries

On top of everything, this is one of the few (if not the only) troll type creature that can be extracted for animus. Simon is included to monstrology due to his undead nature along with his golem friends.

Simon the Sayer

Heartburner Golem

Virulent Gas Golem

After defeating Simon the Sayer for the first time, you will be awarded the badge “Simon’s Bane“.

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