Reminiscing the Past:
A Guide to Tower of the Helephant

The Tower of the Helephant -aka TotH- has been around for years, however most people choose to dismiss it and keep questing to other worlds. This could be a result of a set of different reasons, among them being the fact that Wysteria is a lower level side world, and that the drops are scarce or not worth the struggle. All valid reasons of course, but excuses aside the fact is that TotH remains a great classic challenge to overcome: especially if you are doing it at the appropriate level.

Tower of the Helephant - Cheat Dragon

Back to the basics… the Tower of the Helephant can be found in Wysteria, a level 25 side world. However, the dungeon is aimed to provide a challenge to level 60, aka “Legendary” wizards. It can be found on the left side just upon entering Pegasus Place.

How do I get started?

First of all, make sure that you have completed Wysteria’s main quest line and right when you reach level 60 you will be notified to go talk to Belladonna Crisp (the cross lady on the Wysteria loading screen). Take the quest simply titled ‘Tower of the Helephant‘. Easy, no? Here is where it gets interesting!

Floor 1 – Ironically the top floor

Be careful! Unlike other dungeons this one starts with a bang! The greeting party will consist of Ervin the Barbarian, Taurus the Clever, and 2 Tonkatsu Thug minions who are actually “bosses”. Here is everything you need to know. I’m not going to overwhelm you with knowledge or force a strategy on you, it should be fun after all. However, I recommend taking a team you are comfortable with, consisting of one hitter and the rest can back them up through what is to come. Go teamwork!

  • Ervin the Barbarian – Rank 12 Death Boss, 12,905 HP
  • Taurus the Clever – Rank 12 Myth Boss, 13,690 HP
  • Tonkatsu Thug – Rank 10 Boss, 2,100 HP (x2)

Tower of the Helephant - Fight 1

Ervin the Barbarian:

Tower of the Helephant - Ervin

  • Will cast a -90% universal shield first thing and will keep recasting it until all other enemies die.
    • Can be removed by stealing it or using pierce / shatter.
  • No traps allowed on him until all other enemies are defeated.
    • Can be countered with indemnity or spells like windstorm or mass prisms.

Tower of the Helephant

  • Any fizzles throughout the battle will trigger an enchanted version of skeletal dragon which can hurt!

Taurus the Clever:

Tower of the Helephant Taurus

  • At the beginning of every 3 rounds he will cast a -50% smoke screen.
    • Countered by fire dispels.

Tower of the Helephant Cheat

  • Removes first blade on the recipient of the blade.
    • Can be countered with Aegis or spells like Bladestorm.
  • For every blade disarmed, Taurus casts a Death Blade on Ervin the Barbarian.


Note:Tower of the Helephant Preview

Don’t be clever! Defeating Taurus is not the trick here. I recommend one massive strike to them both at the same time as there are consequences:

  • An enchanted Leviathan will be cast every 2 rounds after Taurus is defeated.

An elemental hitter would be better suited for this battle as both bosses are spirit schools and would eliminate the need for prisms. Always entertain the possibility of getting hit with an Earthquake or a Myth Imp (Death & Life Dispel). Let’s just face it, Taurus is too clever! One thing I implore you to do in this battle is to Quench (Fire Dispel) Taurus on round 2 and every other 3 rounds after to counter his smoke screen cheat. One last thing, have a wizard before the hitter use Pierce or Shatter on Ervin.

The Reward – Lexicon Blade

Tower of the Helephant Lexicon Blade


Floor 2 – Easy

Tower of the Helephant - Battle 2

This floor consists of 1 battle with 2 sets of different minions:

  • Volcanis Golem –  Rank 11 Fire Elite, 2,130 HP (x2)
  • Razorleaf Treant – Rank 10 Life Elite, 2,280 HP (x2)


Floor 3 – Easier!

Tower of the Helephant Floor 3

This floor consists of 1 battle with 2 sets of different minions:

  • Kaimanite Mummy –  Rank 11 Ice Elite, 2,490 HP (x2)
  • Saberclaw Brute – Rank 11 Storm Elite, 1,820 HP (x2)


Floor 4 – You’ve got to be kidding me!

Tower of the Helephant Battle 4

You can swiftly avoid these pesky creatures by simply doing what a common street rat would do. Follow your nose! To dumb it down a little, this is a puzzle full of teleporters where you’ll have to decide between two each time. Always take the one nearest to the cheese. If something goes wrong, you’ll face 4 angry Vulpine Vandals – Rank 10 Death Elite, 1,695 HP.


Floor 5 – Another “Boss”

Tower of the Helephant Battle 5

You’ll finally get to face a boss! Unlike Taurus and Ervin up above, this boss can be easily squished. Additionally, there are no recorded cheats in this battle!

  • Chelicaran Crawler – Rank 11 Balance Boss, 2,225 HP
  • Chelicaran Stalker – Rank 10 Ice, 2,115 HP (x3)


Floor 6 – The Helephant… no, you’re not done yet!

Tower of the Helephant Battle 6

Another boss before the final showdown! This battle, like the previous one, has no recorded cheats and all you have to face is this Helephant and his eight-legged friends!

  • Kogasha – Rank 11 Fire Boss, 3,570 HP
  • Arachnite Creeper – Rank 11 Life Elite, 2,260 HP (x3)

Kogasha's Speech




Floor 7 – The ground floor!

Tower of the Helephant Battle 7

Just one last struggle! This guy loves a party, but don’t try to change any of his plans or he’ll invite some more friends you won’t like. To translate that whimsical phrase, if you try to trap him he’ll add another extra minion on top of the one added every round. Here is a quick rundown of what you need to know:

  • Lyon Lorestriker – Rank 13 Storm Boss, 17,560 HP
  • Lyon Lorestriker Minion – Rank 8 Myth Boss, 1,200 HP (x3)

Tower of the Helephant Cheat

  • Summons 1 minion every round until the battle circle is full.

Tower of the Helephant Cheat

  • When there are full minions he will start casting an overpowered blizzard every turn. Ouch!

Tower of the Helephant Cheat

  • Cleanses all single-target traps / prisms
    • Countered by indemnity / myth dispel — does not affect spells like windstorm or mass prisms


The trick here is to be swift and not look back! Stack your hitter with blades and have them attack as soon as wizardly possible. The rush is due to a couple factors you should be aware of. Firstly, the potential risk of getting hit by earthquake from the minions. Then, there is the killer blizzard that will be spammed every round once our friend Lyon Lorestriker has invited enough copies of himself to the ‘party’. If you are planning to use Indemnity Feint or Mass Feint, save them till the very end.

The Reward – Aureate Band

Tower of the Helephant Aureate Band

Additionally, one should note that the school mastery amulets that are available in the Crown Shop drop from both the first and last battle of this dungeon. To conclude this amazing challenge you will be awarded the badge ‘Liberator of the Helephant‘.

Will you take on this challenge or
will you let Lyon Lorestriker dominate over the Tower of the Helephant?


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  • Super helpful guide! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Still haven’t done this quest at level 116. Probably will eventually, just don’t have any real reason to yet.

  • I remember soloing this dungeon… at Level 125. It took me 3 hours. The last boss alone easily took 1/3 of that time. xD

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