Fall 2021 Update
Quests, Groups, and Adventure Parties!

This year’s fall update has brought with it a handful of useful quality-of-life changes that will make questing and battling with your friends easier and more efficient. This includes changes to the Quest Journal and added features to Adventure Parties and Groups. Let’s dive right in!

Quest Management

A screenshot of the new Quest Journal

The main change I want to talk about is the ability to sort your quests, as well as hide the ones you don’t want to deal with right now. Personally, this is a feature I’ve wanted to see for a long time – while I’d still prefer the ability to “delete” unwanted quests from my Quest Journal, pushing them aside to reduce clutter is still a massive improvement that will affect players of all levels and play styles.

Let’s break down the new interface, shall we?

Breaking down the Interface

A screenshot showing the new Wizard101 Quest Journal tabs

The first tab in your Quest Journal is the Tutorial Tip Log, which explains how the new interface works.

The second tab lists all of your quests, just the same as it is now.

The third tab will show you your Main and Side Quests – the story quest of each world, and the little tasks you pick up along the way.

The fourth tab contains your Activity quests; Crafting, Fishing, Monstrology, etc.

The fifth tab shows the quests that are ready to be turned in for a reward.

And finally, the sixth tab is where you’ll find your Hidden Quests. To hide a quest, you only need to click the little blue eye in the upper right corner of the quest’s entry.

A screenshot of the new Wizard101 Hide Quest button

You can also filter your quests by world in certain tabs – just click on the blue box in the upper right corner.

A screenshot of the new Quest Journal world selection page

This should bring up an interface where you can select which world you want to filter for, or whether you want to see all of your quests in the appropriate category.

Adventure Party Features

Adventure Parties - Dungeons

Now that you have your quests in order, you just need some friends to complete them with! Thankfully, that’s where Adventure Parties come in. Adventure Parties were introduced in the spring update, but if you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, here’s a rundown. Adventure Parties allow you to:

  • Talk with your party in an exclusive chat channel
  • Post messages for your Party to see
  • Organize events like dungeon runs and costume contests
  • More easily form Groups with your friends (and strangers you meet throughout the spiral)

To create an Adventure Party you must be level 30 or higher, and you have to be in a group with at least three other people – all of whom must have one character on their account that is level 30 or higher, and must accept your invitation to be part of the Adventure Party. If anyone declines, you’ll have to send out another invite.

Your wizard can belong to a maximum of three Adventure Parties at one time. If you want to join another, you’ll have to leave one you’re currently in.

Group Additions

Kingsisle also added some extra benefits to joining Groups in the spring update. These include:

  • An increased chance to collect quest items from creatures you fight
  • Guaranteed first turn if you have four group members in the same battle

Battling alongside other Wizards (Grouped or not) will also cause bonus Wisps to appear after your battle is over.

Adventure Parties - A screenshot of a blue, red, and gold wisps created after a battle

The blue and red wisps function just as you’d expect, but the gold wisps are unique. These wisps each give a handful of Gold (5-20 on average) to the wizard that runs through them first.

On top of all that, this update includes even more benefits for joining Groups via your Adventure Party – these Groups are marked with a gold star and are known as Adventure Party Groups. Adventure Party Groups can:

  • Designate one person as the Group Leader, causing everyone else to follow their quest arrows (this feature can be turned off by each wizard individually)
  • Request combat sigil assignments!

That last point is the most game-changing: in the Group tab, you can set your Sigil Slot Preference, which will then be displayed next to your name in the group list. If multiple wizards enter a battle and want the same spot, they will play a short game of rock-paper-scissors for it.

Once everyone agrees on the position they want, they will start joining battles always in their designated slot. This also applies if the wizards from the group join late or don’t join at all. Let’s look at the below example. A storm wizard in a group opted for the last spot and the others failed to join on time. The storm wizard still joined in the designated spot!

Adventure Parties - Combat Order

Additionally, you should note that this feature doesn’t work when joining a battle while using a multi-player mount. In this case, the wizards will join the duel randomly. Let’s hope this is a bug and it gets fixed.

In Conclusion

With all of these changes and incentives, there has never been a better time to get out into the Spiral and complete some quests with your friends – both new and old!

What do you think of these changes?
Are you planning to check out the new Group and Adventure Party systems?
Let us know in the comments!

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Witty William Vaughn

Witty has been playing Wizard101 since 2009 and Pirate101 since its release in 2012, adventuring with his friends and family all across the Spiral. When he's not busy testing out companion builds and hatching pets, you can usually find him playing D&D with friends, or even writing his own adventures!


  • Does adventure party grant quest xp as well to players?

  • Does anyone know if joining via multi-person mount still ruins the group order?

    • yep

  • OMG I missed the assigned sigil spot – that’s a game-changer

  • I cannot figure out how to do the Sigil Slot Preference and I have been looking for a very long time. Could you possibly explain this a little more? Thank you!

    • sorry i figured it out! i had to remake the group from the adventure group tab before the icon showed up!

  • Oooh, these are amazing! Thanks for explaining 🙂

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