Wizard101 – Mirage Master Guide

The latest world for Wizard101 – Mirage – has been around for quite a while now, but shall we reverse the sands of time once more? On the last day of November (best month ever), Mirage hit the live realm bringing with it some very cool changes, such as:

  • Level 120 and ‘Champion’ titleWizard101 - Mirage
  • Divide spells
  • Pip conversion
  • Faction vendors
  • Castle Magic
  • The Arcanum Apartment
  • Legendary Weapons
  • New lvl 120 Henchmen available from the Crown Shop
  • Other cool art and sound changes

Read the full update notes here. If you are still to venture into this mysterious desert world, you should read up on what to expect to be more prepared! You will also want to make use of misthead’s ‘Mirage Main Quest Line Guide‘ to track your progress.


 Zone Pricing 

Mirage is divided in a total of 6 sections, each priced at the regular price of 1995 crowns.


Wizard101 - Mirage

Ice School: Climaclysm

Fire School: Scorching Scimitars

Storm School: Iron Sultan

Myth School: Snake Charmer

Life School: Llamasu

Death School: Qismah’s Curse

Balance School: Sand Worm

Click here to take a deeper look at the brand new lvl 118 spells’ animations, and to read Eric’s explanation on how the new divide mechanic works.


Familiar faces

Zeke and Eloise somehow found their way to Mirage… before us! How do they keep pulling that off? Anyway, walk up to them in Caravan to get their training point quests (click the images!).

Wizard101 - Mirage

Wizard101 - Mirage


Time for a challenge

Head over to the Sands of Time (Mirage’s finale) and duel against the greatest of shadows thanks to Vanessa Mythdust’s Sands of Doom Guide!

Ready for a challenge!


Gear Up!

Check out the newest lvl 120 gear dropped from the Sands of Time.

Sands of Time Gear

Legendary crafted weapons from Ignus Ferric.

Legendary Weapons


Faction Vendors and Housing

Wizard101 - Mirage

Brand new to Wizard101! Check out these Faction Vendors.

Faction Vendors

Wizard101 - Mirage

If you are a creative wizard, Castle Magic is what you were waiting for!

Castle Magic


Wizard101 - Mirage

Find out more on the brand new tapestries that came with this update.

Mirage Tapestries


Miscellaneous Updates


Mirage Pet Bosses: Roaming the deserts

Cave of the Wyrm Guide

Big thanks to everyone involved in the creation of these guides!


What are your thoughts about the Mirage update? Is there anything you wish to add or change? Let us know in the comments below!

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