Spring 2019 Test Realm
Monstrology Bugs

This article’s purpose is to track down any remaining Monstrology bugs that are currently in the game and group them together. Unlike other articles, this one is aimed to provide constructive criticism for Kingsisle to be of assistance. Therefore, no negativity will be allowed in the comments section. Monstrologists in the Spiral have probably figured out by now that we can’t complete every section of the Monstrology Tome, and hopefully this will help in fixing that. I listed every single bug I ran into and also other ideas that could help improve each section of the tome. Please, don’t hesitate one bit to post your ideas and/or findings in the comments below in a respectful and constructive manner. I already posted a similar list in the Wizard101 Message Boards – Test Realm Section, but I wanted input from more wizards! This list is composed of both bugs that are already in live realm and those found new on test realm. Additionally, you’ll be pleased to know that most bugs reported here were already fixed!

Bugs include:

  • Creatures listed under incorrect sections
  • Wrong statistics for creatures in the tome (incorrectly not/marked as a boss)
  • One time creatures in the monstrology system
  • Missing descriptions
  • Creatures that should clearly give animus but don’t

Monstrology bugs extract

Wizard City

  • Rattlebones from Unicorn Way is incorrectly listed under Dungeons.
  • Feckless Soul, Benighted Revenant, Burned Out Soul and Spirit of Ignorance should be listed under this section and not Dungeons.
  • Maiden of Hate (Rank 4) description states that they haunt the Master Tower, but are actually in the Adept Tower.


  • Tomb Lurker in Karanahn Barracks is a Spider but doesn’t give animus.
  • Desert Golem in Palace of Fire is a Colossus but doesn’t give animus.
  • Typhon Dustwind’s description doesn’t end with a “.”.


  • Creatures that are possibly added in duplicate: Jade Oni, Death Oni, Plague Oni and War Oni.


  • Sharpshard Warrior preview in the tome looks small along with many other graphically enhanced Colossi.
  • Blackblade in the Tower Archives is not repeatable.
  • Blackrock Guardian in Plaza of Conquests is not repeatable.
  • Pirate Ravager’s description should say “plunderin’” but is misspelled as “pluderin’”.


  • Aksil Blacktrunk doesn’t spawn again unless you have the quest.
  • Idris Beast Taker is a non-repeatable boss.


  • Jabberwock’s description doesn’t end with a “.”.


  • Some of these non-repeatable creatures might be counting towards monstrology: Tlotzin Moon Thief, Huemac Spear Wreath, Tezomoc Stone Singer and Deathless Storm Horn.
  • Azcal Fire Ant’s description should say “Their” but is misspelled as “They’re”.


  • Tree Root (Death Elite) should say “A minion of Moros.” but is misspelled as “A minion or Moros” (and also didn’t end with a “.”).
  • Tree Root (Life Elite) description doesn’t end with a “.”.


  • None of the 4 Belloq Images (Fire, Ice, Storm and Myth) are registering in the monstrology tome, but they drop animus.
  • Poison Oak in Sepidious is not included for monstrology.


  • Grisletusk is a non repeatable creature. It might be included anyway.


  • Creatures from the Tower of the Helephant are listed under Wysteria and Dungeons. They should just be transferred under the Wysteria section.


  • Kumo Oni spider creature in the Midnight Sun Pagoda gauntlet is not included for monstrology in any tier (1-5).
  • Creatures from one of the Tanglewood Terror tiers are missing from the monstrology tome, but they are still available to be obtained in game.
  • A fifth version of the Forest Nymph minion creature might be introduced but is not included in game.
  • Zoramei Helephant don’t exist in their tier 1 version in game. Kindly make sure they are not included to monstrology or are instead introduced to the game.
  • Hitojini Deathcaster Tier 4 & 5 have the same descriptions.

Creatures from outside the Spiral…

Creatures that have been reported to be included in the Monstrology tome but are no where to be found in game for various reasons including retired creatures: Woebegone Wraith, Lorcan Initiate, Jaxon Lastrites, Furious Howler, Wildfire Treant (x5 different versions), Medicine Mode, Dead Rover, Zhalar Starcloud, Celestian Partisan, Celestian Defender, Vengeful Creeper, Shadow-Web Soldier, Unholy Wraith, Fire Demon. Reference is made to the following post.

If aware of any other monstrology bugs, please post a comment down below.

Did you find anything else that is not listed above?

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With his main focus in Wizard101 PvE, you will find Cody knee deep fighting one of the Spiral's major bosses with an army of wizards at his disposal. Proficient in quite a few other areas of the game such as gardening, fishing, and most of all monstrology. Why monstrology? He chases after every single creature out there and catalogs them for all to see!


  • The only other suspect I could find in GH is Gullin, a Level 58 Death Pet Quest which is not repeatable. Unless we missed some undead or polar bear, not really sure where the other 3 are coming from.

    • Nope! I tested Gullin myself and didn’t give any animus.

  • Looks like I may have posted my bugs in the wrong section.

    Anyway, as I said in the Dungeons section, the Tower of the Helephant creatures are all mixed up. Four of them are listed under “Dungeons” and six of them are listed under “Wysteria”. Seeing as the Tower of the Helephant is a dungeon more like Waterworks and Briskbreeze, and those dungeons have their creatures listed under “Wizard City”, I think it makes more sense for all of the Tower of the Helephant creatures to be listed under “Wysteria”.

    On the other hand, I think all of the Halloween Event creatures should be listed under “Dungeons” instead of “Wizard City”, the same way all of the other events’ creatures (Five B.O.X.E.S. and Lost Pages) are listed there. That would make it more consistent.

    • Included your comment in the article 🙂

  • There is one boss that is non-repeatable boss from Azteca. And that is Tlotzin Moon Theif (Myth rank 13), from the Ice Quest level 88. This creature is a Raptor and undead classification.
    And the Description said: “Once loved someone so much, they stole the moon for them.”

    Although Tlotzin drops Animus

  • The Rattlebones one was fixed yesterday.

  • Here’s a list of a few spelling mistakes (I didn’t check 100% thoroughly) I spotted in the Monstrology descriptions, but I’m not sure if these have been fixed in Test or not, so sorry if they already have:
    Maiden of Hate (Rank 4) – Wizard City: States that they haunt the Master Tower, but are actually in the Adept Tower
    Typhon Dustwind – Krokotopia: Doesn’t end with a .
    Pirate Ravager – Dragonspyre: “plunderin'” is mispelled as “pluderin'”
    Jabberwock – Avalon: Doesn’t end with a .
    Azcal Fire Ant – Azteca: “Their” is mispelled as “They’re”
    Tree Root (Death Elite) – Khrysalis: “A minion of Moros.” is mispelled as “A minion or Moros” (and also didn’t end with a .)
    Tree Root (Life Elite) – Khrysalis: Doesn’t end with a .
    Hebitoho Wyrmling (Tiers 1 & 5): Midnight Sun Pagoda/Dungeons: Tiers 1 & 5 have the same description

    • Hi Mayonnaisinator,
      Added your list to mine, but are you sure the Hebitoho Wyrmlings have the same descriptions? Perhaps it is a change that happened on test? Because if you look in the Dungeons list on the site they all have different ones.

      • Thanks for adding my observations, hopefully they can be fixed!

        I checked the list on the site, and even after refreshing my image cache I still see the Tier 1 and Tier 5 Hebitoho Wyrmlings have the same description of: “Hebitoho Wyrmling has a firm grasp on the balance between work and play.”
        Here’s my tweet with a picture so I can hopefully explain what I see: https://twitter.com/Mayonnaisinator/status/1117527505202708480

        • My bad! I misread that and thought you were referring to creature tier 1 to 5. Yes, they do have the same descriptions.

  • Has Fear of Gremlins been removed? It was extractable, and I vaguely remember a dev/KI employee saying that this was because more Grendels/Gremlins were going to be extractable with Extract Imp, and that Fear of Gremlins wasn’t a mistake, so I wonder if they’ve added more, or if they’ve removed Fear of Gremlin’s animus entirely.

    • I found the tweet I was referring to. https://twitter.com/Mattnetic/status/1062016439224320001

      • Fear of Gremlins was sadly removed in test realm which is a very great pity due to the impressiveness of the creature. Another creature that was eliminated is Carrion Flower Man in Zafaria due to it not spawning when there aren’t more than 2 people in the dungeon. I kinda disagree, but their decision and I respect that.

        • Ah, that’s a shame. But at least they’ve made it consistent now, even if it meant removing a creature.

        • Do you have a list of which monsters were removed from the Tome for the April 2019 Test Realm?

          • So far, I only noticed the Carrion Flower Man and the Fear of Gremlins. There are also a set of creatures from one of the tiers of the Tanglewood Terror that has disappeared.
            If you meant the non repeatable creatures they said they removed, I have no way of tracking them, sadly.

    • I’m hoping they will add Extract Grendel in an update. It does make a lot of sense to introduce Grendels as Imps due to the nature of the creature, but it might take a lot of work to include monstrology tome entries for all those Grendels that it might as well be an extract of its own.

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