Monstrology Bugs List – An Updated List

(2018 Summer Test Realm)

This article’s purpose is to track down any remaining Monstrology bugs that are currently in the game and group them together. Unlike other articles, this one is aimed to provide constructive criticism for Kingsisle to be of assistance. Therefore, no negativity will be allowed in the comments section.

Monstrologists in the Spiral have probably figured out by now that we can’t complete every section of the Monstrology Tome, and hopefully this will help in fixing that. I listed every single bug I ran into and also other ideas that could help improve each section of the tome. Please, don’t hesitate one bit to post your ideas and/or findings in the comments below in a respectful and constructive manner. I already posted a similar list in the Wizard101 Message Boards – Test Realm Section, but I wanted input from more wizards! This list is composed of both bugs that are already in live realm and those found new on test realm.

Bugs include:

  • Creatures listed under incorrect sections
  • Wrong statistics for creatures in the tome (incorrectly not/marked as a boss)
  • One time creatures in the monstrology system
  • Missing descriptions
  • Creatures that should clearly give animus but don’t

Monstrology Bugs - Extracts

Wizard City:

  • Kasai Baku should be listed under Dungeons.
  • Rank 7 and 14 Rattlebones should be transferred under the Dungeons section.


  • Condemned Mander is incorrectly marked as a boss and should be listed under Dungeons.
  • Temple Guardian, Temple Phantom and Bellosh should be listed under Dungeons.
  • Typhon Dustwind is incorrectly marked as a boss.
  • Soulkeeper is incorrectly not marked as a boss.


  • Reports of Mika Sharka in Jade Palace dropping animus when its only a one time creature.


  • Gurtok Barrier Demon is incorrectly not marked as a boss.


  • Carrion Flower Man don’t spawn unless there are 3 wizards present in the dungeon.
  • Elephant Spectral Guardian is not marked as a boss.


  • Tezomoc Stone Singer is a one time creature but still gives animus.


  • Dragon Beetle is not dropping animus even though it could be a Wyrm.
  • Balance Tree Root Elite is incorrectly marked as a boss.


  • Creatures that should be listed under Grizzleheim: Agnetta Broadblade, Frostheart Raider, and Jorda Swordbearer.
  • The description on Bullhemoth incorrectly says “Chilly Chilly”.


  • Beans, Pork, Fear of Gremlins and Fear of the Future are incorrectly marked as bosses.
  • Dream Shadowwock cannot be extracted when its clearly a Wyrm.


  • The following creatures have disappeared from the Monstrology Tome when they were previously obtainable and are still in game: Tier 1 versions of Meanest Fly-Trap, Dead Beets, Desparagus, Forest Grump, Forest Nymph.
A discrepancy in the amount of creatures has been found in the Dungeons and Khrysalis sections. The amount of creatures exceeds the limit. Also, some non-repeatable creatures might be added to the monstrology system. More specifically:
  • 1 in Krokotopia
  • 5 in Mooshu
  • 4 in Dragonspyre
  • 6 in Celestia
  • 2 in Zafaria
  • 2 in Azteca
  • 3 in Polaris
  • 2 in Mirage
  • 5 in Grizzleheim
  • 2 in Empyrea

If aware of any other bugs, please post a comment down below.

Did you find anything else that is not listed above?

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