Beastform Spotlight: Ice Colossus[OUTDATED]

Welcome to another Beastmoon Hunt Series. In this series we will take an in-depth look at the available Beastforms and explore their options, playstyles and some techniques to make the most out of them. If you need a refresher on this event, check out our beginners’ guide. Today we will focus on the Ice Colossus Beastform. Ready to dominate the hunt?

Ice Colossus Stats

  • Health: 600 HP -The highest health in the hunt
  • Movement Speed: -20% -The slowest movement speed in the hunt
  • Extra Pip Limit: 0 pips (Cannot gain extra pips) -This form will always start combat with 1 pip.

Ice Colossus Spells (In-Depth Explanation)

Lvl 1+

Lvl 2+

Lvl 3+

Lvl 4+

Lvl 5+

Ice Colossus Key Spells

The key spells for the Ice Colossus are spells that support its tanky play-style. These spells also help to patch up its otherwise lackluster offense. Here are what I consider the Ice Colossus’ key spells.


Aegis of Artemis

Aegis of Artemis is one of the most important spells for this class. For zero pips, it provides a 100 flat damage absorb and a stun block to any ally. As the best free defense in the event, this spell is an essential way for the Colossus to build pips while still serving its primary function.


Armory of Artemis

Armory of Artemis is the best defensive team support spell in the game. It protects the caster and allies with a 175 damage absorb and a stun block. This spell will completely negate any 3 pip AoE and reduce most 4 and 5 pip AoE’s damage to a mere 50 damage.



Blue Moon Bird

One of the stronger offensive options for this Beastform, Blue moon Bird also doubles as a potent counter to blades. Even better, when it does remove a blade, this spell becomes one of the strongest 3 pip spells in the game dealing 300 damage. A very potent offensive option for a Beastform that otherwise struggles to dish out damage.





Cold-Fired Phoenix

The final key spell for this Beastform, Cold-Fired Phoenix acts as its best AoE. Dealing 150 damage for 5 pips may seem low, especially since most other beastform’s 4 pip AoEs deal 200+. However, this spell shines as a potent surprise offensive maneuver. Usually the Ice Colossus will find itself being targeted last, as your opponents will focus on taking out the healer and more offensive threats first. This gives the Colossus the perfect opportunity to sneakily build pips. Best of all, this spell deals a respectable 275 damage when the caster is shielded. This is oftentimes enough to wipe out the entire injured enemy team.

Using the Ice Colossus

Level or Tier?

The question of whether to focus on level or tiers for the Ice Colossus is a simple one. Looking at the list of key spells, 3 of 4 of these spells are acquired at Lvl 1. As such, leveling up the Ice Colossus is not a major priority and time should instead be dedicated to leveling its tiers. The highest level I would go to on this Beastform before focusing on tiering is level 3. Level 3 grants access to blade removal and trap removal while level 4 and 5 only offer niche variants of spells this form already has.

Main Playstyle

The Colossus’ main playstyle is defensive support. This playstyle focuses on keeping key allies, such as healers and glass cannons, well defended so they can survive to perform their functions. Typically, this form will focus on placing 0-cost Aegis of Artemis on key allies while building up pips to cast Armory of Artemis (the strongest defensive AoE). It can also offer some small offensive presence by using the relatively cheap Shielded Beetle.

Alternative Playstyle

An alternative way to play this Beastform is by using the aforementioned sneaky AoE technique. The Ice Colossus is usually regarded as the least threatening Beastform due to its weaker offense. Thus, most teams will focus on other Beastforms first. The Colossus can use this to its advantage to build pips while it is virtually ignored. For instance, using the 0 pip Aegis of Artemis allows it to perform a needed defensive role while still building pips. Then, when your opponents least expect it- unleash the Cold-Fired Phoenix. This attack can easily wipe out an unprepared enemy team, especially since the Colossus won’t have too much trouble maintaining the shield required to maximize this attack.


The Ice Colossus is a supporting unit and as such it tends to work well with others. Here are a list of its most potent synergies:

Defensive Core: Ice Colossus + Life Draconian- These 2 units combined are the masters of stalling. Life’s heals keep the Ice Colossus healthy, while Ice’s shields help to preserve the Life Draconian’s longevity. This team doesn’t pose much of an offensive threat, but if you need to trap opponents in an extended battle to buy a significant amount of time- this team is the ideal.

Offensive Core: Ice Colossus + Fire Elf- A match made in heaven. Unsurprisingly, one of the strongest offensive units works extremely well with the strongest defensive unit. The Ice Colossus’ shields will help to keep the fragile Fire Elf well protected, enabling it to do mass damage to the enemy team. The Fire Elf also gains a significant buff to its 0 cost Hearth Elf spell when it is protected by a shield.

Who to Target

The Ice Colossus has a favorable match-up against the Storm Wolf Warrior. Its high health and shields counter the wolf’s moderate damage. It has attacks that boost on a bladed opponent and some attacks that remove these blades. Couple this with the boost Ice naturally has on Storm and in a 1v1 situation, the Ice Colossus almost always comes out on top against this form.

Who to Avoid

The Ice Colossus should avoid tangling with the 2 Fire Beastforms. Both Beastforms boost on the Colossus and also have spells that counter or even negate shields. The Ice Colossus should also avoid fighting the death Beastforms as their absorbs completely ignore the Ice Colossus’ shields. Furthermore, they have better offensive capabilities.

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  • Will there be more beastform spotlights coming up? I really enjoyed reading this article and waiting for any more that may come! 🙂

    • I’ll certainly try. With test realm on the way and a new Beastmoon Arena as well it might take a while but I do plan on making more! Glad you enjoyed the article.

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