Buccaneer Champion Guide 2018

First off, welcome back me. Yay! We’re back on this amazing website and we’re going to start off strong with giving you a new and improved Buccaneer guide.

With the introduction of Valencia part 2, for the most part, not much has changed. Kane gear really hasn’t changed anything for classes outside of one of the Buccaneer strategies we’ll showcase here and Privateers with utilizing one boon gear item.

In this guide, I will provide you with the following information:

  1. Pros and Cons
  2. Gear Guide
  3. Companion Guide

Wow, that’s a lot. Well if you wanna be the best, time to study up!

1. Pros and Cons


  • Tanky
  • Highest damage output in the game naturally
  • Good utility
  • Naturally has control of the match’s tempo


  • Lots of RNG “Luck” involved with chains
  • Not many powers. Value is key to success
  • Melee. Easily harassed and weak to barricade ranged strategies and specifically summons like Angry Orchard

2. Gear Guide 

Before we can discuss the gear, we need to break down the 3 different strategies Buccaneers currently have the most success with.

Bladestorm Bucc

Bladestorm Bucc explains everything in its title. This strategy revolves around obtaining Bladestorm 5 which is extremely powerful. It will increase your damage when you critical and trigger bladestorm. The goal is to maximize our chances of getting critical hits with items that give super strikes. Alongside our general buccaneer gear, it make us an unstoppable critical machine. Bladestorm also has the additional benefit when ranking 3+. It makes your bladestorm accuracy based on your weapon’s type.

So using a strength-based weapon (which is what we use to get an additional bladestorm rank) will make it so your chance of hitting is on the difference between your pirate and the target strength instead of accuracy. This allows us to finish off normally difficult to hit enemy pirates like Swashbucklers and Privateers who normally have elusive 3-4. This strategy is more effective against non-buccaneer due to this. However, it can still be used against other Buccaneers. It just requires you to always have a strength buff over them before using super strikes.

Example gear set;

Haywire Bucc

Haywire Bucc is pretty much your general Buccaneer build, except you don’t use summons or get extra epics. Instead, you aim to out-grind your opponent and use the Dreadnaught axe or great sword’s Haywire Strikes to finish off your opponents. Haywire Strikes do come with a lot of luck “RNG”. The payoff, however, is massive. Haywire Strikes can essentially be like a hidden assassin strike worth of damage. It can also do a crazy effect like knocking enemies back(Note that Haywire can only knockback non-pirate units such as companions, it will not knockback your pirate or objects) or stunning them. This can be game-changing.

A good example is in a Buccaneer mirror being the one to charge forward into the enemy pirate first. This is a huge disadvantage due to Hold the Lines 3 reducing your dodge by half! So you use haywire to deal tons of damage and knock the enemy back. This gives them two options. On the one side, they can either run and heal up which throws away any tempo of the match they had. On the other had it can force them to risk running into your Hold the Lines and then getting chained on.

Example gear set;

Fall Bucc

This strategy is more or less only for more advanced/veteran players. You will have to obtain the fall champion weapon which gives the summon power “Angry Orchard”. This strategy is the most consistent but has the lowest ceiling in terms of power. Personally, this is my favourite strategy when going into ranked or fighting a strategy that I’ve never dealt with before. As consistency is key.

The strategy is simple. You use your angry orchard alongside the Kane robe team triton song to make bulky hold the line trees. This deals damage and gives you defence while you prepare your charge. The trees will eventually deal too much damage to the enemy to ignore and force them to break apart. Or they will put themselves in a spot that opens you to pass through them to avoid enemy hold the lines. The chip damage from the trees will allow you to easily kill the entire enemy team’s companions forcing you into an advantageous position in the 1v1.

Example gear set;


3. Companion Guide

Buccaneer is an aggressive class. Due to this, you want to utilize companions that can also be aggressive. However, depending on some matchups you may want to use more defensive companions.

The main 3 companions you will need to climb ranked and in general, do well are;

Peter Quint

Peter Quint is the advanced starter companion you obtain. If possible try not to take him on your crew until you max level. Wait at least (until the next blue moon) until the level cap increases , so your Peter Quint will be lvl 71. That’s a tiny bit extra stats which could make all the difference!

He has Whale’s Might which is an extremely strong buff to your Pirate. It addects the majority of your team since you normally aim to use all 3 Buccaneer companions.  He also has the Brutal Charge ability. This will help him cross the map quickly alongside the rest of your team for a massive tempo turn. Finally is a super strike which will allow him to begin his critical chains and a good late game against classes that normally dodge with Elusive and Turn the Tide epic mixes like Buccaneer, Privateer and Swashbuckler.

For epics you can use the set up I provided. Alternatively, you can go for a more aggressive one with only Vengeance Strike 1 and Relentless&Bladestorm 3. It really depends on your playstyle. The talents shouldn’t be changed except you can try giving agility over the dodgy. This helps a little to decrease the chances of swashbuckler and musketeer units getting critical and epic chains.


Goronado is a crowns only companion. However, if you plan to invest in only 1 companion that requires real life money, Goronado is by far the one I would recommend. He is a very powerful Buccaneer that has a vicious charge to cross the map and is able to utilize the Bladestorm and Relentless 3 combos very nicely. He is a glass cannon. You want to rush him in and pretty much go 1 for 1 with a key enemy unit. After he takes down a unit or 2 he has done his job and should just try to basic attack as much as he can before he eventually will die.

The Vengeance strike 3 Relentless 2 Bladestorm 1 build is popular for Goronado. However, I highly recommend using the Relentless and Bladestorm 3 combo. After all, putting everything into offence for Goronado will be much more beneficial in ensuring a 1 for 1 trade as if he gets reduced accuracy then is unable to do much even with his vicious charge turn he essentially is like starting 1 companion down in every other matchup other than the mirror. Bladestorm 3 also gives him the chance to hit through enemy Pirates that he is about to put down to elusive where normally he would be unable to land a hit on. For epics, you can either copy the ones shown in the picture or also go with the agility over dodgy single talent for the same reason stated for Peter Quint.



Nausica is an extremely powerful unit. If you’re interested in PVP at all, picking her and Goronado up is almost required on every single class. Buccaneer can abuse Nuasica the best, however. Utilizing her high range and load of powers with True Grit 3 is key to making an unstoppable charge against the enemy team. One of the most successful strategies for stopping a Buccaneer’s huge early tempo is slowing them down and chipping them away with companions like Emmet. Hold the line units like Ratbeard. While also some epic based strategies like Repel Boarders and Overwatch rank 5.

Nausica, however, can really ruin all of these as she can be a charging musketeer to kill any units with Hold the lines as well as place herself to make a passing gap for your team to bypass it. True Grit 3 on her allows her to stun any Overwatch 5 strategies. While also being a musketeer you can place her to negate knockbacks from Repel Boarder 5 strategies and still hit enemy units. Nothing should be changed in her epics or talents besides possibly -dodgy 1 for +strong 1 for a similar reason to why you would run agile 1 over dodgy for the buccaneer units.

This team alone can win vs any strategy or matchup if executed correctly. I highly suggest investing in the 55$ for them. It will be worth it.



That’s it for this update to a champion Buccaneer gear and companion set up. When it comes to powers I highly suggest checking on my general guide for power sets up which can be found in my “So You Want To Be A Champion” series.

If you were looking for some more in-depth strategies and tips, Stay tuned as that will be in an entirely separate series of guides coming throughout the next few months!



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